It’s not unusual for people who are knowingly reaching the end of their lives, or the end of a phase of life, to desire an opportunity to share some final words. They may wish to give words of blessing to their surviving family members or acknowledge how other people have helped them get through life.

The book of Malachi is God’s last word in the Old Testament. Scholars believe that it was one of the last books of the Jewish Scriptures to be written before the 400 years of prophetic silence that preceded the Messiah’s coming.

In this verse, Malachi reminds God’s people that everything God does is meant to bring him honor and fame. Not fame in the modern sense of being a media sensation, but fame in the eternal sense of furthering his kingdom and bringing glory to himself. That is God’s desire in all events — past, present, and future.

In other words, God is working today to extend his grace and mercy to all humanity. The people of Israel couldn’t fathom that, and Jesus’ disciples were often confused by his ministry to non-Jews like the Samaritan woman at the well. But if they recalled Malachi’s prophetic words, they would be reminded that God’s name would be great beyond his chosen people.

God, help me to see your glory and pray for your kingdom to come as Jesus instructed us.

Throughout This Day: Take your eyes off of the troubles of our time and look to God. He is at work, drawing people to himself in order to build his kingdom. What a glorious thought!

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Photo Credit: Chichi Onyekanne on Unsplash