As I read this verse, I think about trouble. If I were to sum up my life’s biggest shortcomings, most of them would have the anthem “I will be king” playing in the background. My harsh reaction to a prank, that playground fight, fractured relationships, and more... all because of my desire to be king. I am deeply grateful for the mercy and forgiveness of God and others.

When I look at the hardships facing our world today, it seems like we’re a people wrestling with the reality of unfit kings. For some, experiencing tyranny from overtly abusive power structures is a daily reality. For others, oppression is more covert, stemming from centuries of prejudice and injustice that bleeds through society's fabric. Regardless of the manifestation, the pain caused by abusive authorities often ripples through generations.

It is tempting for me to look upon this world with despair and hopelessness, but, friends, I cannot. I cannot because we have a king, Jesus, who is just, fair, and risen from the dead. He reigns — not with an iron fist, but with love, humility and care for the oppressed. He rules an upside-down kingdom.

Amidst the barrage of bad news today, how is your heart doing? Are you weary and troubled? Are you angry and embittered? In the midst of it all — stands Jesus. His invitation today is to simply come. “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink” (John 7:37b).

Lord, give me the eyes to see beyond the bad to your goodness. Help me show others that in the midst of despair and social injustice, you reign with love and hope. Teach me how to serve you, my King, through fairness and humility... Amen.

Go Deeper — Is there any area of your life that is being ruled by someone or something other than Jesus? Take time today to submit all areas of your life to the Lord of all.

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Photo Credit: Christiana Hernandez