Our destination was Yellowstone Park. We’d long anticipated and prepared for the trip. We rearranged calendars, juggled financial priorities, and gathered camping gear. It required sacrifices, but finally we set out with enthusiasm.

Then somewhere in Montana the car broke down. A repair part could not be had for three days. We had to take a hotel room, stressing our budget. I got sick with the flu. The part arrived and then a significant repair bill. The next night, our fiberglass tent poles snapped, poking holes in the tent. It rained.

We almost turned back, but on arrival, we experienced the wonders of the park. We were awed by the falls in the canyon of the Yellowstone River, the glory of the multi-hued hot springs, and the amazing power of the geysers. The wonder of the destination had made the difficulties worthwhile. Working together along the way had drawn us together

So it is with the body of Christ. Our destination will be amazing beyond anything we can imagine today. Together with people from every tribe, language, people and nation, we will enjoy the presence of Christ and the magnificence of heaven.

Never give up on the journey. Support one another with prayer, friendship, and loving care. Keep your eyes fixed on the destination. On the day you arrive, the difficulties of the journey will fall behind, and you will be knit together in the body forever in deep, loving relationship, enjoying the indescribable wonders of your new home.

God, I long for your presence, but the journey is hard. Give me strength today to continue and to lift up those around me. Amen.

Go Deeper — Take encouragement from the destination and give encouragement to others on the journey. Who needs your help along the way today?

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