We were nine months pregnant and still undecided about what we would name our baby girl. This had to be special. I remember whispering to the Lord as I sat on my couch, “I want it to be a name that is a sweet smelling savor unto you.” Delivery day came and still nothing. They carted my baby away with Baby Girl Pinckney on her tag.

As I lay in that hospital bed it came to me as clear as day. I shared it with my husband. He spelled it out ― Ambria. Six months after she was born, I went to light some candles my husband bought me while I was pregnant. I almost lost it when I held it up to read the logo ― Ambria, Making Life Special. Our baby girl was named after a commercial line of candles! I later learned Ambria, or amber, is the color of God’s glory according to the prophet Ezekiel (KJV).

Just as I wanted to ensure the right name for my little girl, God was strategic about the name of His only begotten Son. Jesus (which means God saves) is the name above all names. His name holds power and authority. At the very mention of His name one day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord. His name alone commands holy reverence.

When you pray His name, let it fill you with the power and peace He alone can bring to your soul. Hallowed and holy is His name.

Father, teach us to recognize the power in the name of Jesus. It is not just a name to be thrown around lightly. but it is one to be revered and honored. It is in His name that we pray, Amen.

Go Deeper — Read over this list of the names of God. Write down the ones that mean the most to you right now. Then pray to Him in those names.

Tags: The Lord's Prayer Philippians 2
Photo Credit: Vincent Guth