What are you up to today, friend? If you’re like me, you woke up with a list of tasks to do. For work, for home, for family, for friends, for you, for God. It’s a good list, full of good things. Work is beautiful. Work is a way that we get to honor God.

But if you’re like me — that list never ever ends. And again, that is not bad. Work is satisfying, work is respectable, work is good. But we were created for more than work. And today, I want to encourage us to celebrate the work that we do. To celebrate the milestones we reach and the things we achieve.

Because celebrating them honors God. Celebration is an act of worship, and so often in our fast-paced lives, we skip over that part of life. We keep moving on to the next thing without celebrating the current thing. Yet throughout the Bible, we see celebration as a way of life. They feasted, they danced, they sang.

You and I were designed to celebrate. And God has done great things for us! What would it look like if the joy he fills us with spilled out into our actions and lives? Maybe today, that looks like hand-writing a letter of congratulations to a friend. Maybe today, that looks like turning on your favorite song and dancing in your kitchen. Maybe today, it looks like telling God what you are grateful for.

Celebration can take so many forms, but celebration is a crucial, intentional act of worship. Let’s grow together in it, my friend!

Lord, thank you for the chance to celebrate. Thank you for what you have done and what you are doing in my life. Fill me with joy, and forgive my lack of intentionality. In your name, amen.

Throughout This Day: Seize every opportunity God gives you to celebrate his goodness, his work in your life, and his infinite blessings in ways that are especially meaningful to you!

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Photo Credit: X Shuvo on Unsplash