I had to stay off my feet for a week or so. My knee was pounding with pain as I limped from room to room. As I sat stranded in front of the TV and bore the discomfort, I realized I needed more help than I was willing to admit.

It turned into quite an adventure when I had to get up to find a book. It was not where I thought I put it. And I ended up searching everywhere in the house. Even slipping on a pair of pants caused pain. I resigned myself to wearing shorts most of the time.

But the hardest part was accepting help from others. I am used to being independent. Asking people to give me a hand or allowing others to help me does not come easy for me sometimes, especially if I think I can manage somehow.

We read in Matthew 9 how a suffering woman who suffered from hemorrhages for twelve years was willing to endure public humiliation by appearing in public with the condition, hoping for a chance at a healing encounter with our Savior.

The faith of this woman appealed to Jesus’ transforming grace, which produced healing.

As believers, we should also approach Jesus with our shame pushed aside like the suffering woman. If we want him to heal us, we must get beyond the embarrassment of asking for help, letting go of the false notion that we can handle it all ourselves.

Are we unintentionally trusting ourselves more than God, limiting what we think God can do for us because of pride and missing out on his healing grace in our lives?

God wants us to tear down the walls we put up to protect our fragile egos. The walls prevent us from asking and receiving the blessing of help from our neighbors, thus blessing them in return.

Lord, there is nothing I should ever be ashamed to ask you. By your grace, let me not hesitate to humbly kneel before you the next time I need some healing. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Look for opportunities not only to help someone today but to beopen to receive help graciously, blessing others in return.

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Photo Credit: Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash