For years, I stumbled about in my prayer life, searching for the secret to becoming a prayer warrior. At last it dawned on me. I already had the only “secret” I needed. God delighted in hearing from me, even when it was little more than gibberish.

When my children were small, I took great delight in their request for “nana,” meaning anything to eat. When they could say, “me do,” their speech began to form meaningful sentences. Before long they asked endless questions. Later they told tales of great adventures of the imagination. Nothing thrills me more than to hear my son’s voice when he calls just to talk.

Sometimes, words are hard to come by. Simply being in each other’s presence gives comfort.

Since prayer is talking with God — both sides communicating — of course it’s like a child learning to speak a language. The bottom line is, God wants to hear from me — and the Holy Spirit wants to make it happen.

The Holy Spirit takes our “nanas” and “me do’s” to the Father. He translates the heart of our prayers without words, so that, if we don’t know what to pray for, he gives us what we need. We may not know the answer but when it comes, our hearts leap within us for joy.

I can stop worrying about whether I’m using the right prayer formula. I have the only translator I’ll ever need.

Heavenly Father, let me develop the habit of dialing your number, trusting the Holy Spirit to put the call through. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Go Deeper — Parents can understand what their kids are saying even when other adults cannot. Take comfort in the fact that God wants you to talk with him no matter how you compose your sentences.

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Photo Credit: Benjamin Voros