I will be honest. Sometimes it is hard to believe that God means all things for good. Unemployment, COBRA costs, sick children, dying parents. On occasion, life feels like a burden that is too heavy to shoulder, not something meant for good.

The other day my 16-year-old lied to his father. His father is formidable. So, when he was upset with our son and lashed out, our son’s immediate response was to lie. I understood where our son was coming from. I used to be just as frightened of his wrath as our son is.

It wasn’t malice. It was poor-problem solving. “If I say this, Dad will calm down.” Nevertheless, it was dangerous, so he and I had a sit-down chat. Then he received a consequence for his lie, for his own good.

So much came out of this. The consequence for our son was also for the good for his dad, who was able to see that the rules at his house are also rules at mine and that I am truthful with him. The easy thing to do would have been to cover our son’s lie with a lie of omission, but with my pulse racing, I made a phone call that, as it turns out, didn’t end badly. In the decade since my ex-husband and I split, I have learned that with God as the Truth in my life, I have nothing to fear.

I know this experience will make us better co-parents. The thing was indisputably bad, yet God used for good.

Always choose truth. Pray before you respond. Let God handle the results.

God, thank you for always having my good in your sight, even when my decisions are poor or my life circumstances difficult. While we cannot see every event as good, we know that you intend it for our good and the good of those around us. Please help me see clearly the good you work within even the bad. Amen.

Go Deeper — What lesson is God helping you learn through your hardships? What is your behavior and faith through hardship exhibiting to others?

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Photo Credit: Taras Chemus