Over the past few years I have become increasingly aware of how the Bible can be seen as one continuous narrative rather than a collection of 66 books written by 40+ authors. When we recognize the big story of the Bible, that God entered history with a salvation plan, we begin to see it everywhere we look in Scripture. The real question then is, can we trust God to keep his word? If we see his covenantal promises for what they are, holy commitments to fulfill his plans for the world, will God do what he promised?

Lately my wife and I have been watching a show set in a hospital. In a recent episode, Helen, who is a doctor, is struggling with her infertility. While walking to work one day she encounters a young woman passed out on a park bench across the road from the hospital. She calls for help and the woman is revived in the Emergency Department. As soon as she returns to consciousness, she asks where her bag is. Helen retrieves the bag only to find inside it a newborn infant. When the young woman disappears from the hospital, Helen concludes that the “Universe” had given her this baby because she desperately desired to be a mom.

It is an increasingly common belief that an impersonal “Universe” directs the affairs of humanity. As Christians, how much more can a personal Creator be trusted to fulfill his promises? We have so much evidence that God does what he says he will do. Whether it’s through the covenants in Scripture or through answers to individual prayers or longings (think of Hannah, the mother of Samuel), we can have confidence and faith in our God. It is far more reasonable to believe in and follow a God who cares for us than to place our trust in the Universe’s power.

How about you? Do you believe that God is going to fulfill his plan in your life? Are you wondering what lies ahead for you personally or perhaps a family member? Take heart, God is fulfilling his plan for you and preparing you for what he knows is best.

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, I can’t thank you enough for caring deeply about my needs and desires. You are completely trustworthy and I have confidence in your power to carry out your plans for the world.

Throughout This Day: Focus on God’s promises in Scripture. Try listening the song, “This We Know” by Kristian Stanfill, which begins with the lyrics: You are who You say You are You'll do what You say You'll do You'll be who You've always been to us Jesus

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