Who is your “go-to guy”? You know, that person who will come through for you, no matter what? Who do you run to when you are in great need or trouble? Whom have you put on speed dial with all certainty they will answer?

The walls of the nations of the world have been shaken. This pandemic has caused anxiety, fear, economic instability, pain, and even death. People have been forced to adopt a new norm. In all this, one would ask, where is God? Does he care?

Yes. God has never left us. You see, God is more than our “go-to guy”. He is omnipotent — all powerful. He is omniscient — all knowing. And he is omnipresent — present everywhere at the same time.

In circumstances that are seemingly too unbearable, he acts as a merciful God who provides the much-needed help in troublesome times and situations. God is aware of the current state but he doesn’t just leave it at this stage. He knows and has power over all. He rescues us when we call on his name. He says, call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you and you shall glorify me (Psalm 50:15).

Truth be told, we are the ones who often turn our backs on him. Yet, in all this, God invites us to run to him as our hiding place. In him, we are secure because he covers and acts for our protection.

Go to him today in prayer and find peace.

Heavenly Father, I must admit that this season is difficult for me and for many others in distant lands. I ask today that you may reveal yourself to me. I am running to you as my refuge. Protect me from this pandemic and its effects on the economy. For those working round the clock, grant them much-needed strength as they play their different roles. Amen.

Go Deeper —Take time to really seek God through prayer today. Commit the nations, your economic situation, your health, and your loved ones to your Heavenly Father, for he cares.

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Photo Credit: Bernard Hermant