Have you ever received a truly great gift? You open it and you genuinely give that little audible gasp because you are speechless. You say “thank you” over and over because you are grateful.

On the other hand, have you ever received a truly underwhelming gift? Where your first thought is, “Yeah, I’m definitely re-gifting this to someone else”. It can be so disappointing.

Or how about when you were younger and you and your siblings got gifts? After opening them, you looked at your brother’s gift and immediately wanted it instead of what you were given.

Now imagine being the gift giver and knowing how the person really feels about your gift. You can see through the fake “thank you” they give you in return.

God has given every single one of us a gift that can be used in his strength and for his glory. Some can sing, some can speak, some can serve, etc. In our worldly minds, we often prefer the gifts that get us the most attention, money, adoration, or respect. We shouldn’t think that way. In God’s eyes, no gift is more important than the other.

One day God will ask, “What did you do with the gift I gave you?” The best answer is, “God you gave me the gift of (insert gift here) and I used it to the best of my ability.” Whether it is teaching the Bible, cleaning the sanctuary after service, or driving the bus, God sees your heart and how you use your gift for Him. Use your gift to serve.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the gifts you have given me. It might not be the gift I wish I had, but I can take comfort in knowing that you know what’s best for me and that it is the gift you want me to have. Thank you for your wisdom and grace. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Go Deeper — If you do not know what your gift is, take an assessment online or ask a few close friends what they think it is and then start serving in that area at church or elsewhere. God will bless you.

Read Further — Once you know your spiritual gift(s), be sure not to leave it unwrapped.

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Photo Credit: Jens Johnsson