“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

“Mommy, look at me the way I am looking at you!” She may have been little but my daughter had realized that even though I said I was listening to her, I was actually distracted. She wanted to see my eyes. That’s how she was looking at me! She wanted to talk face-to-face.

How often do I give people only half of my attention? I may be talking to them, maybe even in a meeting, and yet I am distracted by my incessant to-do list. In my mind I am answering a text (or maybe I’m doing it right in front of them!).

Jesus showed us the ultimate gift of love. He sacrificed His life for us. How can we give of ourselves to love others? One way is to freely offer our time. Time is probably our most precious resource. You can only use it once, then it’s gone forever. When you talk to others or meet with family, do you put the cell phone down, look into their eyes, and listen intently? What keeps you from giving your undivided attention to the people you interact with?

Lord, help me to learn how to willingly give the gift of my time without distractions to the people in my life. I want to look them in the eyes and listen. You have asked me to be willing to at any cost do anything and that always involves time and sacrifice. Help me to hear what they are saying and then respond with a grateful heart. Amen.

Take Action

This week, turn your cell phone off whenever you have a personal meeting. Demonstrate interest in the lives of the people you’re with and ask questions to show you care. Speak words of encouragement at every opportunity.

Become an online mentor; by answering just a few emails a week you can see God change lives.

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