In the fall of 2013 I found myself in a very deep pit. I was over-committed, exhausted, stressed out, and severely depressed. Circumstances and habits of worry had started me on a downward spiral that ended in extended time off from work, counselling, and medication. I knew I had to make some permanent changes in my life.

Thankfully, I got the help I needed and I began to dig my way out of the pit. Little by little I began to find my footing and learned how to put margins in my life and live healthier. In the beginning, I remember how much it meant to me when someone told me, “You’re going to get through this. You will get better.”

Not only did I get better, I gained more than I ever imagined through the experience. I found my strength and I found my voice.

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Looking back on the whole, horrible experience, I see what a precious gift it was. My life and health was entirely in God’s hands — and only then could I experience His strength to get me through. It is a gift I share with other people now. Some people live with the shame of mental health issues like depression, but I found that being open about my experience has forged strong relationships with other people who struggle with similar issues. My story has helped others get out of their own pit and have hope that life can get better.  

God, help me be truly thankful for the hard things and send my way others whom can benefit from my story. Amen.

Take Action

If you’ve experienced struggle and pain in your life, you have an incredible gift to share. Your simple words of encouragement, your assurance that you’ve been there and that things will get better, can mean the world to those in the thick of it. Consider becoming a mentor to share the gift of strength, encouragement, and prayer with those who are hurting.

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