Have you ever wondered why, when people are ill, the first thing people (especially women) think to do is send a card or make a meal? It’s comfortable. It seems appropriate. It’s less confrontational. It takes less effort than actually visiting the ill person.

Recently, at a women’s ministry meeting, we were all asked to sign a card for a woman who’d been gone for a few weeks due to back pain. How odd that seemed to a few of us who are involved in a prayer ministry and who often personally lay hands on others when they need healing. My friend asked, “Has anyone thought of going over there to pray with her?”

“No,” answered the one who passed the card around.

That got me thinking about faith without action. Though sometimes Christians trust God and mean well, taking that additional step of following the scripture in James is perhaps stepping out of their comfort zone. A closer look at the verses even suggests that the ill person should give praise (sing) to the Lord even when they don’t feel like it. Additionally, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to decipher the instructions about anointing a sick person with oil and praying for healing in Jesus’ name. That’s faith in action.

What may seem uncomfortable to us may be exactly what our fellow believers need. Take a moment to ask God for the courage to put your faith into healing action for a friend today.

Lord, please forgive me when I fail to see the real need a person in pain has – for my faith, my hands and feet, my touch, and my belief that you will heal them, in your power and name. Amen.

Today's Challenge: Make a list today of all those who you know are sick, debilitated, grieving, or even believing the lies of the enemy. Make an appointment with them today to reach out and touch them with both faith and action.

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Photo Credit: Johanna Dahlberg on Unsplash