Imagine you are driving with friends. You arrive at a destination after dark, far away from the city lights. The night is pitch black. You have never been to this place before. The car headlights go dim. As you get out of the car, you hear the distant sounds of water moving. You feel a gentle breeze against your face. You feel — more than see — the earth beneath you.

Now imagine that one of your friends tells you that somewhere out there, in the dark, is the edge of a cliff with a 100-foot drop. You ask, “How far away?” “Not sure,” he replies.

What goes through your mind? Do you want to take a walk? Does the thought of staying close by the car sound more appealing?

Now what if your friend also informs you that there is a fence 20 feet from the edge, high enough to stop you from tumbling over the cliff. Do you feel relieved? Ready to take that walk?

God has given us the freedom to live life the way we want. But total freedom without boundaries leads to its own kind of prison. Sin is like that cliff. It separates us from God, from other people, and from peace within ourselves

The law of God, however, is like the fence. It makes us aware of sin. If we know God’s law, we can use it to keep from falling over the cliff into lives filled with regret over our sin.

Don’t despise the fence.

Lord, help me not despise the law, but see it for what it is — your guide and protection against my downfall. Amen.

Go Deeper — What is your reaction when you hear the phrase, “God’s law?” Does it conjure up images of a tyrannical Judge, or an outdated set of rules? If so, consider your viewpoint. Read the New Testament book of Romans (especially chapters 3 and 4) and see how God’s way is a road of faith and His law is in our best interest.

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Photo Credit: Julian Friedle