“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” Romans 8:32

When our daughter, Bethany, received a stipend to be a fellow at the Witherspoon Institute in Washington, DC her senior year of college, I discovered a profound truth. The instructors believed in their students so much that every term they invested around $17,000 in each one.  The effect of such extravagant investment and affirmation had a profound effect on our daughter. Convinced she could make a difference in the world, she made a drastic career shift and entered law school.

What Witherspoon did for our daughter reminds me of what God desires for us.  He wants us to discover new dimensions of who he has created us to be. And he has invested far more in each of us than $17,000.  Scripture says he spared nothing on our behalf, giving us his Son to empower us to be overcomers of difficulties and lovers of all men.

So what’s holding us back? Why do we settle for half-hearted aspirations? Why are we content to give conditional love when a vast supply of the real stuff lies within our reach? Maybe the echoes of a fallen world have muted the voice that says, “Come up higher.” Perhaps we’ve concluded our life is a tired cliché rather than a poem more sublime than the finest from Shakespeare’s pen. Whatever the cause, it’s not too late to let the lavishing love of our Father open our eyes, ears and hearts to the truth…

You and I are worth everything to him.

Lord, we can’t begin to understand the depth of your love. But today I pray we would each grasp a bit more of it and let it change us for your glory. Amen.

Take Action

Take a few moments to reflect on the lavishing nature of God’s love for you. Let it inspire you to live in the knowledge of your great worth.