A friend recently visited with a group of devout Jesus followers in India. They asked how the followers of Jesus were doing in Canada, and the answer that came to mind for my friend was “distracted.” I thought that, unfortunately, it was a great description of how we, who live in North America, often find ourselves.

Many things compete for our attention, energy, loyalty, and commitment. Jesus is clear about our first priority being His Kingdom and the will of the Father. Jesus encourages us to hold that posture in the words of the Lord’s Prayer. He calls us to pray to our Father, “May your Kingdom come and your will be done.”

In John 4:34, Jesus explained to his disciples that His food was actually to do the will of His Father. It was His nourishment and pleasure. It should be ours, too.

When we take the posture of a daughter or son who is eager for the Father to lead us and accomplish His will through us, the Lord aligns us to His will. He, in effect, changes our hearts.

So seek first — above all other distractions — His Kingdom. Pray that His will comes to pass and not your own. Desire above all else the Father’s will to be done. If you do, all the other things you need will be added. Seek to know Him and His will rather than calling Him Lord but then doing your own thing.

Father, my heart’s desire above all is to know you and do your will. Please help me hear your voice, seek your Kingdom and be obedient to your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Go Deeper — Pray through the Lord’s Prayer, seeking to align your heart and your will with the Father’s heart and will.

Tags: Sermon on the Mount Matthew 6
Photo Credit: Boris Baldinger