Have you ever felt desperate to have someone listen to your issues of the heart? Imagine you’re going through some moments of real doubt regarding something. You have friends, but you don’t think you can share the deepest part of who you are with anyone. So, what do you do?

I was facing a tough time. I fought those doubts. It wasn’t easy. The worst part was that it seemed I had some answers to support my doubts. Sadness came to my heart.

So, I cried out to God in tears. I remember all I could ask was,”God, help me. Help me, Father. Please do something.” And he did. He inclined his ears. He heard my cry of desperation and silently wiped my tears.

Then, I realized my doubts weren’t insignificant in his eyes. He saw my heart and opened his ears and heart to my cry of desperation for help. When I couldn’t help myself, God responded to my cry. He brought me the answer I needed. He didn’t do it the way I thought, but his response worked. I calmed down.

I still stand in awe of the way he responded to my cry.

When you feel desperate to have someone listen to your heart, remember there is a listener waiting for you. He will be attentive to your call. He won’t condemn you but will be understanding and faithful towards you. So, call on God any time and he will listen to you.

Father God, thank you for being a good and faithful listener. Help me to always feel comfortable to run to you whenever I have doubts, fears, or something deeply tugging at my heart. Amen.

Go Deeper — Sometimes it helps to write things down on paper and get them out of your head and heart. Consider writing a letter to God today, not worrying about grammar, spelling, etc. Then wait for his response. It may even come before you finish writing.

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Photo Credit: Suket Dedhia