My physical therapist watches me like a hawk each time I have a session with him because I am a fall risk right now. He regularly says to me, “We don’t want you to end up face down on our floor.” Thank you, neither do I! During therapy, I wear what looks like a seat belt so he can reach out and grab me if I become wobbly. His eyes never stray while he is instructing me on an exercise or muscle stretch.

Our Lord watches over us constantly. Even though we are wobbly at times in our faith-walk, He is right there in case we stumble. As soon as we call out, He grasps us. No believer has to go it alone. That can be a comfort, but also uncomfortable.

In Jeremiah 16:7, God spoke through the prophet to say, “My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from me, nor is their sin concealed from my eyes.” We cannot hide from God. His watchful eye in on us at all times, like any loving parent.

My physical therapist hovers nearby in case I do something incorrectly, which might hurt my muscles. That’s his job. Likewise, the Holy Spirit is my guide to deter me from sin that may hurt my soul.

Do you feel that God is watching you too closely, or does it give you comfort to know He is hovering... just in case? The temptation to do it yourself will always be there, but the good news is, so will your loving Father in Heaven.

Father, thank you that you are always there to instruct, guide, and correct our path through your Holy Spirit and your Word. Keep your eye on me, even during those times I am tempted to hide from you. Yank me when I wobble. Let me lean on your strength. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — Sit in a park or at a playground and observe how parents keep an eye of their kids as they play. Note the reactions of the kids. Now, relate that to your reaction to God’s promise in Psalm 32:8.

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Photo Credit: Cam Adams