Yesterday we unpacked how Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s faith was put to trial. Today we will look at how they modeled unshakeable trust in God.

Do you serve God because of what you want to give to Him or because of what you hope to get from Him? Tough question. The honest answer for most of us is probably both. We give to God because we love Him, and out of His love He gives to us. This is God’s way. It’s OK to enjoy His good gifts.

But, there is a deeper question of Christian living at stake, and your entire walk with God turns on getting the answer right. Consider these three men standing before a blazing furnace. The day before, life was good, the future clear. But on this day, they are condemned prisoners, moments away from a horrifying death. They face a critical question. Do they serve God for what He gives or for what they get? Can God still be trusted?

Their answer teaches us an important principle. Will God rescue them? “Even if not,” they say; they still will not serve another. Life can pivot in an instant. A doctor calls with test results. A policeman knocks. An envelope with a pink slip appears on our desk. A heart attack. A stroke. In the blink of an eye everything changes. Yesterday, life was good. Today, it’s in the tank.

Will you walk away from God in anger, hurt, or disappointment? Or will you love and serve Him even if He doesn’t do what you want? In a changing world, the “even if not” principle is the backbone our faith needs. God will prove faithful in His time, but we must stand faithful in ours – even if things don’t go as we plan.)

God, I choose to trust in your faithfulness today. I will wait on you. Amen.

Go Deeper ― Can you remember a time when things seemed dark but later you saw the wisdom of God in all the events? If so take encouragement from that experience. If you haven’t experienced this yet, you will eventually. God is good and faithful in His love – all the time!

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