“Call 9-1-1! Someone call 9-1-1!” The calm of the late night neighborhood was shattered by the panic in the woman’s voice. Startled and on alert, I listened to see where the cry had originated and whether there were clues as to what was going on. Again I heard the voice, “Call 9-1-1!”

Cautiously I looked out the window to see a shadowy figure on the other side of a vehicle in front of my neighbor’s house. The car started to pull away as the figure began to run across the street, insisting once more, “Someone, call 9-1-1!” As the driver pulled away, I opened my door and called out, asking if she was okay. She answered, “No, I’m not. I need a safe place for a moment.”

That night, I invited this stranger in, knowing she was in clear distress and needed a place of safety for the moment, and to be connected with more assistance than I could offer. She talked for some time, and I listened. She indicated that she’d not received that sort of kindness or help when in need. It was an opportunity to not only offer safety for the moment, but also to point her to the One who hears the call of those in need, and cares – cares oh so deeply for the broken-hearted and wounded.

What about you today? Are you needing a refuge? God inclines his ear to listen, and reaches out to care for those in need. Perhaps there are others around you who are hurting, even crying out. Oh, it’s not always in such a dramatic way as a voice in the night; yet if we are willing to listen and respond, God gives opportunities to touch others with his love, and sometimes even pointing them to him in a very special way!

God, help me to turn first to you when I am in need. You are my Rock, my Refuge! When I am fearful, you are there. You will not forsake me. Your love is constant. Help me stand firm in that love, and to reflect it to those around who are hurting. Help me, by your Spirit, to respond to the cries of those around me, pointing them to you as you give opportunity. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Call out to God. Ask him to help you obey him and trust him in everything that you do.

Tags: Daily Devotional Psalm 119
Photo Credit: Photo by RAS LUBOWA on Unsplash