Several years ago while going for a walk, I noticed someone on a bike and felt an immediate impression to talk to her about God. However, I argued with myself against doing it and kept walking the other way. With feelings of immense remorse, I told God, if I saw her again, I would speak to her. And I did. I shared with her about the love of Jesus but also gave her the gold cross I was wearing around my neck, which held sentimental value.

What costly thing am I giving to God who has given me EVERYTHING?

When Araunah offered to give David oxen for an altar that he wanted to build, David insisted on paying for them out of a deep desire to give to God something that would cost him something. He did not want to give God something that would be of no expense to him. David understood that true worship meant sacrifice (2 Samuel 24:18-25).

It is easy to serve God when it doesn’t require much from us. When it does, and we dare go to that place which demands that we fully trust in God in a way we haven’t experienced before, God looks upon that sacrifice as a measure of our deep love and devotion to Him.

Heavenly Father, I love you and thank you for offering your Son to me so I can have eternal life with you. My desire is to offer to you ________ [fill in the blank with the area that God shows you]. I choose to give you this part of my life to show my love and thankfulness to you. Amen.

Go deeper — Ask God what He wants you to give either out of your time, your finances, or even your pride. Do you feel like you missed the boat when God wanted you to witness? Read God Gave Me a Second Chance.

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