Through many hundreds of years, the temple had been growing, ever larger, ever more beautiful. It was already alive with activity. The master builder himself lived within it, his Spirit flowing through its inhabitants. Voices of praise and worship echoed with rejoicing through the halls.

The builder thought back to the day when he had laid the all-important cornerstone. Because it anchored the foundation and set the level and direction for every stone that followed, it had to be immensely strong, placed with precision, perfect in every way. And he was!

It had been an extremely painful day. Blood had been shed. The builder’s own son had given his life to ensure success. Enemies thought they had prevented the temple’s construction. They didn’t realize it was all part of the builder’s plan.

Now a great crowd had assembled to witness the laying of the last stone and its joining with all the others. The master builder’s hands were quick and sure. The work was done. He called out, “Let the great celebration begin!”

There are times in the middle of a process when the beginning seems so long ago and the ending is not yet clear. There are days when things just don’t make sense. We wonder why. We desperately pray for answers. The heavens seem to provide none. Disillusionment and discouragement set it. Is this really going to add up to anything?

Ephesians tells us that Christ Jesus himself is the cornerstone. He guarantees the success of the effort and secures the foundation of our hope. Even now we are being joined together into a holy temple of praise. One day – perhaps soon – we will join in a great, eternal celebration of praise.

Christ alone. Cornerstone.
Weak made strong in the Saviour's love
Through the storm, he is Lord.
Lord of all!

The Lord will bring the work to completion. So, lift your gaze. Take heart! Hang on! The last day is coming. You will be there with all of us, giving thanks and praising his name.

I’m only one stone, Lord. I can’t yet see the whole plan and where I fit. But I know that you are at work with your sovereign hand. I want to be there on that last day, and all the days that follow. Today, I choose to trust you.

Throughout the Day: Listen to this hymn celebrating Christ as the Cornerstone, and thank him for your place in his eternal temple.

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Photo Credit: Joshua Earle on Unsplash