If you read this whole chapter in Isaiah, it pictures an awesome God. A God who sits on a throne, yet he has humanity on his mind. He has a plan. He has tasks for us to accomplish. 

However, God has given all of us a will — to choose to work with him or not. Even when he calls Isaiah here to foretell what is to come, he doesn’t force him to participate in his plan.

Here we see God showing Isaiah that he wants to send him to be his spokesperson. He wants to use his lips so he can talk to others on his behalf.

The man is stunned. He thinks his lips are filthy. How can such an awesome God want him to do things for him? Yet, there’s a plan in place. There’s a solution. Isaiah won’t have to worry about his own unclean lips. God takes care of that. He touched the man’s lips in the vision. So God shows him he’s working at making him clean and guilt-free so he can serve him.

While God has a mission to offer to Isaiah, the man has his say in it. God wants to co-work with Isaiah. He wants the man to take part in the assignment willingly. He wants the man to join him wholeheartedly and do the work as planned.

So, that’s the co-mission on Isaiah’s life — to do the will of the Father. What is ours?

Dear Lord, I offer myself wholeheartedly to you. Cleanse me and show me how I can accomplish the assignment you have for me in your strength. In Jesus’ name I ask.

  Throughout This Day: Are you hearing God co-mission you for something? If you have anything standing in the way, why don’t you surrender yourself to him, inviting him to cleanse you? He will joyfully do so and empower you to serve him in the areas he has called you.

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Photo Credit: Bogdan Zavialov on Unsplash