As a young adult, I carried suitcases of mistakes. I’d tried to earn favor in life — “do your best,” “be excellent,” “try as hard as you can, and then try harder.” Society rewards effort and hard work.

The first time I understood that Jesus died so I could be forgiven, it was great news. To me, undeserved kindness expresses the meaning of grace.

Being the recipient of undeserved kindness is a humbling thought. It means that we deserve the opposite. God gives us righteousness that can only come through Christ, something which we cannot earn. We cannot be good enough, excellent enough, or perfect enough to pay for our own sins. We need grace. We need undeserved kindness.

How do we receive this kindness we cannot earn? Through believing. Romans 3:23 declares that everyone has sinned and fallen short of God’s glorious standard. We are not perfect. Paul then explains in verses 24-25 that all of us can be made right with God when we put our faith in what Jesus has done for us rather than putting our faith in what we can do.

Jesus provides a way for all of us to be forgiven, but we need to come humbly in faith, realizing our need for a Savior — the One who sacrificed his own blood so that we could be forgiven. Undeserved kindness is the best news in the world to a humble and repentant heart.

Father God, thank you for sending your only Son Jesus to sacrifice His life and shed His own blood for my soul. Thank you for your undeserved kindness, and for forgiving me for all of my sins. Thank you for your forgiveness and for making me righteous in your eyes. I place my faith in Jesus and what He has done for me. Amen.

Go Deeper — God’s offer of undeserved kindness is the best news in the world. Pray for an opportunity to share this good news with someone who you know needs to hear it. Pray for God to open their eyes and ears to understand and hear the best news ever.

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