I’ve made a list, and I’m checking it twice (the Christmas spirit is still upon me). Did the sun come up this morning? Did it set last night? Is it winter in the northern hemisphere? Is the weather colder? Did farmers nearby reap their crops this fall? Has someone recently given birth to a healthy child? Have I seen a rainbow lately? Does the law of gravity still apply?

The answer to all these questions is yes, of course! Scientific laws are simply plans ordained by God that will continue day and night without ceasing unless He says otherwise. For these things and more, I honor and praise the name of God.

Here’s another list. I’m checking it thrice, to remind myself. Can anything separate me from God’s love? Do I have eternal life because I believe in God’s Son? Will God complete His good work in my life? Am I chosen to be blameless and holy in love?

The answer is equally “yes,” but I may not feel as confident in the answer. Why do I so easily trust natural laws that govern the physical world, but doubt God’s plans for me?

Before the creation of the world, God planned wonderful things for His children. In our daily world, I don’t always see Him at work, but I can count on it. He’s there, completing His purposes, and nothing can stop Him.

If you are having a hard time seeing God at work, make your own lists. Check them twice. It may give you encouragement.

Father, you planned my life before you even created the universe. People were always at the heart of creation. Teach me to glory in that confidence, reflecting all praise and honor to you! Amen.

Go Deeper — Read Ephesians 1 and list all the things Paul says believers can count on to be true.

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Photo Credit: Dan Grinwis