“His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever He tells you.’” John 2:5

It was the third day. The wine at the wedding feast was gone but the party wasn’t over. Mary recognized what was happening, but had neither the power nor the resources to fill the need. She had an inkling, however, that her son did….

When she told Jesus about the social faux pas that was occurring — because you can’t have a wedding without wine — it appeared He might not intervene. It was bad timing for the Son of God to be revealed. Yet, Mary instructed the servants in charge of the wine, “Do whatever He tells you.” As a result, the first faith-evoking miracle of Jesus’ ministry made its way to the lips of the master of the feast and to the hearts of His disciples. Mary’s instruction to the servants proved to be great advice.

Why? Because she took her predicament to the author of all wisdom.

“Do whatever He tells you.” Whether our wine has run out or our bank account emptied, whether our patience has run dry or our forgiveness drained, when the need demands more than we have to offer — be assured that the all-wise God has an answer.

So the next time you find yourself wrestling with a dilemma, or when someone comes to you with a problem above your pay grade, don’t sweat it. You are connected to the smartest problem-solver who has ever lived. Nothing surpasses the wisdom of God.

Because He gives even better advice than Mary!

Jesus, You are the source of wisdom. You have the answer for every problem we face. Help us entrust our situations to You. Amen.

Take Action

Ask God to solve whatever problem you are wrestling with in your life right now. Then do whatever He tells you to do.