God created the rainbow to remind Himself, and us, of His everlasting covenant with Noah and his descendants. He promised never again to end all lives with a flood.

When the rainbow shows up in the sky, it’s a sign that God is remembering us. It’s our opportunity to acknowledge that God is the Master of the universe — that He does not remain far off, but is at work fulfilling His plans to transform us through mercy.

Can we see a beautiful rainbow in the sky and not worship Him? I stand in awe of who God is: sovereign, gracious, merciful, and faithful. The “arc of promise” draws me to ponder its maker, our Creator. He deserves to be remembered and honored. When we express our heartfelt thanks for who He is and what He does, that’s worship.

Do we pursue anything in excess and with more yearning than we pursue God? Could it be a hobby, a television personality, social media, or a career? Is that thing becoming an idol? Most interests and activities can be beneficial with moderation and can be enjoyed without guilt if they are clean. However, God deserves to be revered above all.

Heavenly Father, if there is anything that I have given excessive attention to, I ask You to forgive me and to give me wisdom to know how to worship You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Go deeper — make a list of God’s mercies to you and thank Him for each one. Further reading: How to Pray God’s Promises

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