“Thank you, Dad. Our lives are so different.”

This was my daughter’s comment after I shared some very tragic news about a murder/suicide that involved a relative. My daughter’s response of gratitude surprised me.

Her gratitude was because she had identified the contrast between her life and the life of this cousin. She attributed this to some decisions I had made which resulted in a very different path for our family.

The truth I had learned was that I needed Jesus. There was a moment that brought this into focus in a fresh way. It was when I had reached a significant milestone and it did not satisfy. I received an award and as I walked out of the ceremony, the thought haunted me, “There must be more to life than this!”

To that point, I had identified as a follower of Christ but did not understand that Christianity was not a self-improvement plan. In the months that followed, I learned that a true disciple of Jesus was someone who daily acknowledged their own inadequacy and embraced Jesus in every area of life. This moment by moment walk with Christ set me free from the ravages of a broken alcoholic family and set me on a daily journey that allowed me to experience the transformational power of God’s Spirit. This truth has changed every aspect of my life, marriage and family.

My daughter understood the results! The means to this result is a daily surrender to the wisdom and goodness of God’s work and power to transform!

Jesus, I need you. I’m not adequate but you are. You are better at everything than I am. I ask you to forgive my pride and independence. I want to live in the freedom you provide and experience your transformational work. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Ask yourself if your journey is a self-improvement plan or a daily surrender to Christ’s work in you.

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