During my school days, I spent many hours preparing for tests. There were oral tests, written tests, open-book tests, placement tests. After completing my formal education, I hoped, my testing worries would cease somehow for the most part.   But once in the workforce, I discovered that it was expected, if not mandatory, to take work-related classes and seminars to help us advance in our profession, and that meant more tests and examinations.    As Christians, we know God also tests us. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son to test his faithfulness. Jesus asked Peter if he loved him over and over again to test his love for him. God asked Job to endure many hardships to test his loyalty.    The forming of our faith, obedience, love, integrity, and loyalty through testing is serious business for God. He evaluates our responses to people, difficulties, and challenges. And this includes looking at the ordinary things—opening the door for a stranger, running an errand for a friend, and giving the gift of a smile to someone who needs encouragement.    God’s tests are not impossible to pass when we focus on him rather than the circumstances. He strengthens us and encourages us along the way. And with every test we get through, God rewards us by pouring blessings into our lives.   He finds great joy in our successes and always looks for ways to grow our faith. Let us commit ourselves to pass each test of faith and bring joy to our Savior.   Lord, help me to see the tests in my life the way you see them. I thank you for all the second chances you have given me. And with each hurdle I overcome, may my faith and trust in you deepen, my Lord and Savior. Amen.

Throughout This Day: See each difficulty and challenge as an opportunity to draw close to your Father and trust him to strengthen you and grant you the wisdom needed to overcome the challenge.

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Photo Credit: Blake Wisz on Unsplash