I came across a billboard the other day that said, "Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it isn't the end." To be marked with the kind of tenaciousness that trusts that God will - in the end - work all things together for good, not only pleases God, but also demonstrates we serve a God who is worthy of such daring trust.

It takes an element of spiritual audacity to trust God, no matter what. Job provides one of the most profound examples of this in the Bible. He loses everything - family, wealth, reputation, health - and he doesn't understand why. His concept of God's righteousness is being tested to the last degree, but no way will he "curse God and die" as his wife suggests. If he was going to die, he would die hoping, trusting.

When we're in the midst of our struggles, we don't have a clear vantage point to see how God wants to use our crises for his higher purposes. But, like Job, our trials present the perfect opportunity for the strengthening of trust.

It is impossible to develop a greater degree of trust until it is put to the test. If you are in that place right now, even though it is hard, declare, "Jesus, I trust you." Be assured that your tenacious cry is resounding in the courts of heaven. Don't stop!

Thank you, Father for exchanging our troubled hearts for ones filled with trust. May we have the kind of spiritual audacity that marked Job. Help us to keep trusting you, no matter what comes our way. Amen.

Today's Challenge: Begin to trust God in the small areas of life so you'll be ready for the inevitable greater challenges. Let your trust become tenacious.

Song of Encouragement: Though You Slay Me by Shane & Shane

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Photo Credit: Joey Huang on Unsplash