The difficulties of life don’t matter as much when you focus on Jesus and not yourself.

For me, telling people about Jesus has had mixed results. Sometimes people responded positively; other times people responded negatively. Yet, regardless of how people received the message, I am glad I took the many leaps of faith that come with not knowing what to expect each time I obeyed our Heavenly Father’s command to tell the world about Jesus.

As Christians, we have been ordered by the Son himself to go out into the world and share the gospel, the good news that for those who would accept Jesus as Lord and Savior would know no condemnation from the Father and would have eternal life.

It’s really a simple command that God gives us, and the message we are imparting is really good news. However, just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. And just because something is good, doesn’t mean it will be perceived as good by everyone.

No doubt, these are difficulties – difficulties that can, unfortunately, discourage us from obeying our Father. Fortunately, I can affirm that these difficulties that might come with sharing the gospel truly don’t matter when you're focusing all on him and not on yourself or on the world around you.

Isn’t it true that obedience to God, in general, is always so much easier when you solely focus on him?

Trust me. I would know. I’m someone with a stutter, social anxiety, and an overall awkward demeanor. So telling something to someone that could potentially stir up controversy and get me into trouble is like putting a blindfold over my eyes and walking across a field filled with ditches and dangerous wildlife – scared out of my wits because I don’t know what to expect.

Yet, whenever I focus on God, I develop the courage and determination to take those steps of faith across the unknown fields of life and tell people about Jesus – because in those moments I honestly believe that God is at work in me and that he is infinitely more powerful than my fears or any worldly consequences.

So, if I, a man with plenty of fears and imperfections, can share the gospel when I am trusting God and walking in the Spirit, then you can as well. For when you put your trust in God by focusing on him and only him, he will equip you with what exactly you need to complete the task he commanded you to do–– no matter who you are or what you can and cannot do.

Imagine how different your life would be if you focused on God while navigating the unknown fields in your life?

Dear Father, thank you for the good news of the eternal salvation that is possible through your Son, Jesus. Thank you, Father, for entrusting me, your servant, to participate in your mission by telling people about Jesus. I humbly ask that you work on my heart so that I more constantly align my focus on you and not on anything else.

Throughout this Day: Ask the Spirit whom you should share the gospel with, being open to any known person or stranger he may instruct you to reach out to. Then ask the Lord to give you direction and discernment to know the best approach to use to reach out to the people the Spirit has revealed to you.

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Photo Credit: Wan San Yip on Unsplash