Imagine you are going somewhere, and you don't know the way. Unfortunately, you have no map, and no smartphone either. You’re lost!

Suddenly you come across someone. Even if the person is a stranger, you would ask for directions. Now you are sure of what you want and where you are going. But if you don’t ask, that stranger would not understand what you want.

The same thing happens in our spiritual life. In Matthew 7:7, we are told to ask, and we shall receive. In today’s passage Jesus wants to know what the blind man desires him to do for him.

One thing funny about our Lord is that even though he knows what we want, he will be silent, waiting for us to tell him, "I want this."

Just as you would ask a friend for a specific item that you need, Jesus desires we do the same and speak with him freely.

Does that mean I can ask him anything?

I have thought about why Jesus would tell me to ask for what I want, although he knows everything about me. But he wants intimacy. In John 15:7, he says to ask for whatever you want. It's like I can ask him anything. How beautiful it is to have such an intimate opportunity! Only a close friend would allow you to tell him anything, but Jesus is more than the closest human friend. Jesus wants me to feel perfectly free to tell or ask him anything at all.

He gives me the boldness to stand up, throw away whatever is holding me back (Is it fear? or shame?), and ask him for the significant thing I want. He wants you to have that intimate connection with him.

He is ready to listen. Tell him what you want.

If Jesus asks you today, “What do you want me to do for you?" what would you tell Him? Are you even free to open up and tell him? What would hold you back from telling him? God’s Word makes it clear that he wants us to develop a close and intimate connection, and be free with the Lord.

God Almighty, your love for me is immeasurable, and your ears are ready to listen to my cry. Although you know what I desire, and you open your hands wide to satisfy the desires of every living thing, you want an intimate relationship with me. You wish to converse with me like a friend. That's why you call me a friend and not a servant. Thank you for honoring me in this way. Amen

Throughout this Day: Speak from time to time to God. He is waiting to hear your plea. He asks, "what do you want me to do for you?" Tell him everything and anything, pause, and listen to his voice.

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Photo Credit: Etty Fidele on Unsplash