Pain can be a dreadful teacher when it comes to relationships. Think about it. We open our hearts to be loving and accepting to others at a young age. That innocence is betrayed at the first sign of disappointment, rejection, or abandonment, leaving us with a pain that shakes us to our core. Through it all, we must face the inevitable decision whether or not to love again.

Vulnerability does not come easy after we have been hurt. We often brace ourselves for the next betrayal. The pain leaves us fearful and alone. It is easy to recoil instead of taking a chance at being hurt again. Recoiling causes us to retreat more and more into ourselves, our work, into successes and other accomplishments, or even addictions. When we do, we lose out on one of the greatest human experiences we can ever have — love.

If you are currently at a crossroads in a relationship, what choice will you make? Will you retreat to the frightful cave you built for yourself or will you be courageous and trust that through it all, God is with you?

Regardless of how anyone else makes us feel, or the pain they've caused in our lives, we have a Savior that promises not to leave us nor forsake us. He will never abandon us, physically or emotionally. God’s love can bring about the freedom we need in order to love again. God’s love can heal our wounded souls and teach us how to open our hearts again, even amid bouts of fear.

Father, you know the pain and the heartaches I have experienced in my relationships. You know the deep wounds that still bleed and need mending. I thank you that you are the God that can bind up those very wounds and heal my broken heart. Teach me to love and trust again, even amid fear. Teach me to be true to myself and set proper boundaries in my relationships. It is in Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen.

Go Deeper — Go into a closet and shut the door. Let it represent the painful place in your life. Pray about it, then open the door. Let that “escape” represent God’s healing power to give you the courage to trust and love again.

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