It gets so hard at times balancing every aspect of life ― marriage, family, ministry, and career.

So much comes into play on any given day. Sometimes I feel as though I am drowning in it all. I find myself asking, “Where do I find the time for me? When can I stop long enough to commune with my Heavenly Daddy?” My soul longs for time in my Lord’s presence. I yearn to be near the one who can calm the raging emotions inside of me just as He calmed the wind and the waves in the gospel story (Luke 8:23-25).

Then I hear God’s still, small voice saying, “Rest in me.”

He calls me back to a place of stillness and much needed peace. I hear Him instructing me to breathe and to allow His spirit to replenish me. God stills my overwhelmed heart. In His presence I find fullness of joy. In the stillness, at His right hand, I find peace and continual hope. I find rest for my weary soul.

When your soul becomes weary, you, too, can take delight in the presence of Abba Father. Snuggle into in His loving arms. You will soon breathe and become still enough to find renewed strength, peace, and hope.

Father, we long for your unfailing love in our everyday lives. When we are running on empty, emotions are high, and life is overwhelming, lead us to the Rock that is higher than us. Lead us to that place of refuge and peace that we so long for. It is in you that we find rest. It is in you that we find hope. It is in you that we find peace. Amen.

Go deeper: When life seems to overwhelm you, take out a pen and pad and journal your thoughts. Write a love letter to God telling Him how much you need His presence in Your life.

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