“The Lord GOD has given Me the tongue of disciples, That I may know how to sustain the weary one with a word. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear to listen as a disciple.” Isaiah 50:4 NASB

Being single has its ups and downs. It’s a constant battle for contentment. Yet there’s nothing on this earth that can comfort me more than Isaiah 50:4 does, because it’s true. In this passage, we see that God has the ability to comfort the weary with just a word. It’s one of those verses that has proven itself to be true, and every time I am down and discouraged about my singleness I think of this verse and then go to the Word for refreshment.

The living proof of the verse above came to me one day as I was sitting at church on a Sunday morning, listening to the reading of the Scripture before the sermon. I was following along with the passage being read, Psalm 68. My mind wasn’t focused on what was going on, rather, I was distracted by my lonely single estate. As the person up front was reading about what God does for orphans and widows, I was upset and in my head I foolishly and rudely said, And what do you do for the singles, God? What? There’s no passage about us.

As soon as I had thought those words, I heard verse 8 being read aloud: “God makes a home for the lonely.”

I heard nothing more after that. I was ashamed for being so cruel to a God who loved me so immensely. He chose to comfort me in my anger through that verse. I had never read about God personally taking care of the lonely, and I was blown away by the passage. God did care about me, does care, and He cares for you too. God reassured me that I won’t always feel lonely, and I won’t always have to live in a home on my own. I must trust and rely on the God who loves me and sustains me with a word.

Are you a struggling single as well? Discouraged lately? Remember that Christ is able to sustain you with just one word.

Take Action

Memorize Isaiah 50:4 and when you’re tired of your situation, recall this verse. Read a few chapters in the Bible each time you’re discouraged and pray to God, asking Him to make good on His promise in Isaiah 50:4 and sustain you with a word.

If you're facing singleness and finding it hard, talk to a mentor who gets it.

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