“But the Lord said to me, ‘Do not say, “I am only a youth”; for to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you, declares the Lord.’” Jeremiah 1:7-8 (ESV)

Jeremiah is a prophet in the Old Testament who gave everything he had for God’s will. He exemplifies what it means to surrender to God wholeheartedly.

God initially told Jeremiah that he was not to marry a woman from his own people. So, Jeremiah purposefully lived a life of singleness out of obedience to God. Not only that, later on, God told Jeremiah not to attend weddings, funerals, or celebrations because the people of the land were so wicked. God wanted Jeremiah to completely separate himself from them.

Can you imagine being told not to have friends or a very close companion? Some people would revolt and draw the line at human isolation, but Jeremiah willingly followed God’s will. Not once did he complain or whine about obeying those two rules. He stood strong in the face of extreme loneliness.

When times get tough and friends abandon us because of our faith, think of Jeremiah’s example. His testimony helps us to persevere amid the circumstances.

Dear Lord, give us the strength to embrace the surrender Jeremiah had. Please grant us the ability not complain about our circumstances, but to rest in You. Amen.

Take Action

Read Jeremiah 1. Whatever you may be going through, don’t wallow in self-pity. Make the effort to choose to be like Jeremiah and say “Yes!” to God’s will for your life.

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