I’ve always loved Hebrews 11, the chapter known as the roll call of faith. The author lists Old Testament characters and describes how they lived out their faith. So, one summer I decided to memorize it.

Later that same summer, my husband’s boss informed him of a cash flow crisis. He hoped that Ned would continue to work for them and they promised to pay him eventually, but for the near future no paycheck would arrive.

My response surprised me, as much as my husband. I calmly agreed to have him continue with the company. My habitual—even logical—reaction of worry was amazingly absent.

During that time, I made an awesome discovery. You see, reading about faith, memorizing verses about faith, meditating on the truth of faith in God, had created faith in my heart. The Holy Spirit assured my spirit that God would provide. As I read: by faith Abel…by faith Enoch…by faith Noah, I knew I could trust God. As I repeated: by faith Abraham…by faith Isaac…by faith Jacob, I experienced peace.

The miracle of God sustaining our family, without incurring any debt, for almost four months of full time work without a paycheck, seemed like a secondary miracle to me. The foremost miracle happened in my heart and mind. God instilled confidence—not in an optimistic outcome, but confidence in Him, regardless of the outcome.

Faith is being sure of God. We don’t need to be sure of anything else.

God, you are worthy of my faith. You are my provider. You are enough. You are all I need. Instil faith in you, in my heart and mind. Amen.

Consider This: — Read Hebrews Chapter 11 every day for a month. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you faith like these heroes of the past.

Additional Resource: — How to trust God in all seasons of our lives.

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Photo Credit: Deep Doshi on Unsplash