A mom called up the stairs for the third time for her young son to come help with a simple household chore. Each time, she became a bit more irritated when he didn’t respond. Finally, she stomped up the flight of steps and pushed open his bedroom door. “Didn’t you hear me, young man?”

The child gazed up from his scattered toys. “Sure. I just didn’t want to come and do it.”

Have you ever treated God that way? I have.

It is easy to serve Him when it pleases us, when we know we will see results, and even get a nod of gratitude. What about when it is inconvenient, or sacrificial, or outside our level of comfort? Such as paying it forward in the drive-through line when we don’t have enough in our wallets to stretch until payday. Perhaps it is shoveling a neighbor’s walk when our nose, feet, and hands are already frozen from doing our own.

Soldiers used to recite, “Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do or die.” For believers, ours is to do and die. Jesus calls us to “do” in the process of dying to self. Whether we want to or not, we are called to obey — not because God is a drill sergeant task-master, but because it is for our good, and for the good of others.

The next time God calls you to action, will you be like the little boy, or will you heed the call?

Lord, the next time I hear your Holy Spirit prompting me into action, help me to recall that I need to have a servitude attitude in order to win others to salvation, and to do your will. It’s so easy to stay comfortable ion my own wants. Keep calling me out. Amen.

Go Deeper - This week, listen intently for promptings from the Holy Spirit to do something. Then do it, even if you first have to pray for confirmation, no matter how uncomfortable or unrealistic it sounds.

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Photo Credit: Lukas Budimaier