Two years ago I noticed a sweet, one-year-old husky/sheepdog mix from the local shelter. She was very friendly, and had a beautiful sandy brown coat. I adopted her and named her Lulamae.

As sweet as she is, Lulamae is probably the most strong-willed dog I’ve ever met. She’s chewed up everything from reading glasses to bath soap, even after being reprimanded. She still pulls on the leash like a sled dog. I would never take her back to the shelter, but I have tried to give her away twice. I was not prepared to handle a personality like Lulamae’s.

One day, I sat with my head in my hands, totally frustrated with her, when the thought occurred to me — “I wonder if God sometimes feels about me the way I feel about this dog right now.” I often think I am smart enough to figure out my life on my own. Sometimes I see the way that seems right to me and invite God to follow me. God always sets me on the correct path, but sometimes it takes a few hard lessons and tears in order to turn my spiritual eyes and ears onto Him.

God is a gentle leader. He guides us through situations in life, gently whispering to our spirit or laying out His plan in His Word. But we are stubborn people. We want to do things our own way. I think sometimes it takes something like a bit and bridle to get us to head where He wants us to go.

Lord, help me take on your gentle yoke and go where you want me to go. Amen.

Go Deeper — Take some time this week to be still and listen to God’s directions. Don’t make any quick decisions. Ask Him to gently lead you where He wants you to go. Journal your thoughts and keep Psalm 32:8-9 in mind as you wait for God to move.

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Photo Credit: Nadia Supertino