On a women’s retreat, we were asked which body part best described us in the Body of Christ. Many ladies in the circle said they were the hands, eyes, ears, even mouth. One exhaled a long sigh. “I feel like the big toe.” She felt everyone’s weight upon her and she carried the load. We all nodded, understanding what she meant. The big toe may seem small and insignificant, but it plays a vital role.

I think often times we feel as if it is “all up to us.” Maybe it is a pioneer spirit instilled in us from our ancestors. Or, perhaps it is our innate desire to be in control. “If it has to be done, I’ll do it myself.” But that isn’t how Christ calls us to function, is it?

Writing to his churches, Paul often used the image of a body to explain the unity in diversity that should exist in the Christian community. But statistics show, no matter the church size or denomination, 20% or less do 80% or more of the work. No wonder some feel like the big toe!

Each of us should have a vital role to play in our church family. Whether you sing like a bird, are an amazing teacher, can cook for hundreds and still make it taste great, or can move heavy objects with ease ― each of us has a purpose. Without us, the Body of Christ doesn’t function as well. What body part are you called to be?

Lord, you created me to have a function as your servant here on earth. Help me to develop and fulfill that function within my church. Keep me from comparing my function with others, knowing it takes us all to carry the load of spreading the gospel to the world and ministering to each other so we don’t feel overloaded. Amen.

Go Deeper ― Take a few moments to honestly write down your strengths, talents and gifts. Ask God how you can better use them as part of the Body of Christ, to draw people to Him.

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