The meeting ended and I began my drive home, thankful to be heading toward my deck and a cup of tea. I passed by a park and recalled the numerous times my friend, who lived in this neighborhood, and I had walked here. Stop and give her a hug, ran through my mind, quickly followed by all the reasons I wouldn't be doing that. Her street approached rapidly, the directive intensifying, and, if I'm honest, my irritation as well. I simply wanted to go home. But this time, I didn't. I knocked on her door.

My friend needed to tell me she had cancer and she wanted to do so in person.

Have you ever heard that persistent, quiet voice prompting you to show love through action? Do you, like me, often resist or rationalize or chalk it up to a busy mind? Or do you recognize the call of the One who mandates us to love one another through listening, providing a meal, making a call, or countless other means of showing care?

God asks us to love one another, tasking members of His body to be His hands and feet in order to demonstrate His specific love and attention to each of us. And I am learning that in God's economy, it isn't only the one receiving who benefits. As I love, my awareness of being loved grows because He first loved me.

Lord, please help me to soak up how great Your love is for me and then live each day from that place of love, seeking to love others well. Amen.

Take Action Take time to consider the depth of God's love for you. Ask Him to tell you how to demonstrate His love to someone today.

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