“After Hezekiah received the letter, he spread it out before the Lord. And Hezekiah prayed.” Isaiah 37:14-15

The scroll contained a demand and a threat. If the demand was frightening, the threat was terrifying. Hezekiah would either surrender Jerusalem to the Assyrian king or he and its entire population would be destroyed.

One day your life is running along in its normal way, and then, without warning, arrives a worry, a demand, a threat, perhaps frightening, possibly overwhelming. What do you do?

Today we unfold letters. In the ancient world scrolls had to be spread out flat.

Hezekiah took the threatening scroll up to the temple and “spread it out before the Lord.”

Can you picture Hezekiah's hands moving from side to side as he unrolls the scroll on the altar, placing the entire situation into God’s hands?

This is a powerful moment we can learn from. Faced with death and destruction, Hezekiah’s immediately goes before God and spreads it out before the Lord in prayer.

Yes, trust can be a feeling of certainty or an attitude of confidence. But trust is often most real when it is in the form of action, when we spread out our dilemmas before the Lord, turning to Him in prayer.

Pray with Hezekiah:

“Bend down, O Lord, and listen! Open your eyes, O Lord, and see!” (Isaiah 37:17). I place my trust in you! Amen.

Take Action

Are you faced with a worry, a threat, a demand, or a danger? Take action now to spread it out fully before the Lord. Give it into His hands with trusting prayer. 

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