“…He called them” Matthew 4:21

Sometimes the simplest sentences have the greatest meaning. On their wedding day a couple say, “I do.”  Two words. Nothing more… but a lifetime of meaning. That’s what we have in today’s Scripture: three words — “He called them” — so rich in meaning, not for this life only, but forever.

To be called by the Son of God! How incredible that the Lord of all creation should even notice us. A famous man visiting a city once saw a shy little girl hiding in the crowd, afraid to look up. He knelt down, took her by the face, and said, “You are so beautiful!”  She ran back to her mother as if flying on the clouds. “Mommy, I am beautiful!” Jesus notices us and calls us by name. That alone should lift our spirits and inspire our hearts.

The call was also a summons. The Lord of creation calls to us with all the authority of heaven. When we hear His call we know that our lives have changed forever. We must follow Him.

But there is more! His call is an amazing invitation. For the word “call,” the Greek dictionaries give this meaning: “to be chosen for receipt of a special benefit.” Yes, we have been noticed, and yes we have been summoned, but His purpose is not just to demand something from us; it’s to give something to us: the grace of salvation, the joy of heaven, His presence forever. It’s all ours.

Today, again, He calls. Amazing!

Lord, I hear Your call. Thank You so very much for noticing me in the great crowd of people. I love You. I will follow You forever. Amen.

Take Action

Today, instead of being challenged to do something for Jesus, be encouraged that His purpose is to do something for you. Be lifted up and encouraged. Rest in His Love today.

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