"Excuse me, WHAT?"

The words, "you're pregnant", seemed to echo in the confines of my doctor's small office. I thought he'd tell me what I suspected — I had the flu. Not that I was expecting a child. I stared at him in wide-eyed silence. I was scared and dumbfounded, not joyous as I think he assumed I would be.

While I thought myself to be too young to have a baby at twenty, Zechariah had the opposite concern. To think he, an old man, and his elderly wife were going to have a baby boy? Not just that, but that boy already had a name and was going to be an influential prophet, bringing crowds of people back to God? He thought what Gabriel told him was preposterous and impossible. Understandably so.

Perhaps part of Zechariah's speechlessness came from the shock over the unbelievable news Gabriel shared — not just that Zechariah was struck mute due to disbelief. I think a revelation like that would throw anyone off their game.

Even though I was shocked to learn I would have a baby, I embraced all that was ahead, just as Zechariah did. Zechariah eventually rejoiced in the birth of his son, and so did I.

Though we meet situations in our lives that may not be ideal, they become blessings if we see them as such over time. May we take a moment to rejoice in the things that, while unanticipated, are precious gifts from our Sovereign God.

Precious Lord, keep me from presuming that you operate on a level that should be logical so that I have time to adjust and understand. Maintain your mystery in my life so I may have a spirit of rejoicing and thanksgiving when faced with the unbelievable. It is in your Son’s precious name I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — Have you ever experienced something so unexpected and unbelievable that you were at a loss for words? God never intends to confound us. He wishes to bless us. Take some time today to reflect on those things God surprised you with, seeing them as gifts instead of burdens.

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