Do I open myself to share pain with the masses? Do I become vulnerable and transparent in disclosing my sorrow? Do I risk exposing real emotion and heartbreak to others? Jesus did.

Christ made no qualms about being open with raw emotions especially in light of his looming crucifixion. In fact, leading up to today’s verse it’s indicated that Jesus was deeply distressed and troubled.

Perhaps that left no room for being stoic or tough. Jesus knew what was coming and he was so overwhelmed that death from sorrow seemed a better outcome than being nailed to a cross. Can’t argue with that.

With certain things that have happened in my life recently, I can relate to Jesus’s pain and a specific urgency to avoid facing my difficult and possibly painful future. Difficult and painful situations can cause us to become drastic in our thinking.

Yet, a closer look reveals that it’s facing and accepting the outcome that brings about incredible results. For Christ, it was saving the human race by giving up his life. For me, well, I still don’t have a clue what the purpose and meaning of my deep sorrow are, but I have faith it’s a part of something greater to come. It’s my relationship with Jesus that enables me to do so.

Jesus had his Father to lean on during very desperate times. You and I have the same privilege as children of the living God. Lean heavily into him and receive the assurance of better things ahead.

Precious Jesus, I don’t like my circumstances right now but I know you’re still with me and that you will get me through this difficult time. Help me to remain hopeful that something greater is to come. Thank you for this reassurance. It’s in your name I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper — Are you facing a troubled future? Today, express that to Jesus in prayer, and if he calls you to do so, with someone you can trust. Then lean on him and that friend he may send to you. Our confidential, online mentors may be a resource of hope for you as well.

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