When you think of "freedom," what do you think of? Emancipation from slavery? Getting out of jail? Leaving work? Moving out of the house? Freedom is associated with all of those thoughts and more.

Today, many tend to associate freedom to mean “free to do as I please.” This concept applies to all of the categories mentioned above. A slave becomes free from his master’s commands. An ex-con can now do things without being guarded all the time. An employee is now free to relax outside of work. A young adult can abide by his or her own wishes instead of his or her parents’ wishes.

The Bible mentions the word "free" or "freedom" many times throughout the New Testament. But the Bible associates freedom with something else entirely.

Being free in Christ means a different kind of freedom. It is the freedom from being enslaved to sin.

Nonbelievers don't have the means to be freed from their habitual sins apart from Christ. They hopelessly continue to fight and struggle without any resolution.

We have been redeemed! We are freed from the vicious sin cycle that ensnares nonbelievers. Although we may struggle in this life, our struggle is not in vain. We have eternal freedom.

We don't have to worry about sin entangling us to the point where we cannot be delivered. We don’t have to live in hopelessness. Yes, we will still sin, but sin doesn't have us beat. We can conquer whatever sin comes our way through Christ.

Dear Lord, please give me the ability to conquer sin in my life. Give me the strength that I need, which will give me the hope of victory. Amen.

Go Deeper — Think about an area in life that may be enslaving you. Have a problem with lying incessantly? Negative attitude? Harsh words? Whatever it may be, honestly ask Christ to help you defeat these sins so you can be free.

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Photo Credit: Julian Friedle