Everyone experiences suffering. Even the smallest children understand the world can be a difficult place to live. They routinely complain, “That’s not fair!”

For me, the majority of my suffering comes in the form of chronic illness that brings daily drowsiness, headaches, dizziness, and nerve pain. A difficult thing for a formerly active 19-year-old. For you, suffering may include family struggles, financial problems, or something entirely different.

Paul’s struggles came in many forms. Shipwrecks, beatings, imprisonment — you name it, Paul had probably experienced it. Yet he spoke confidently in Romans 8:18, telling us that something better is coming — something so glorious, it will surpass our wildest dreams. With its bold message of hope, this is an excellent verse to cling to if you need something to get you through those hard times.

No matter how horrible the things we experience may be, what’s coming is infinitely better. Glory will be revealed — and not just to us, but in us. As humans with finite minds, it is difficult to grasp this concept. But, in actuality, our current state is just a brief blip in time compared to eternity.

Rest assured in this: if you trust in Christ, then what lies ahead for you will make every difficulty you experience on earth — no matter how trying — seem absolutely worthwhile. Our current struggles are not even worth comparing to the glorious eternity that lies ahead, and that is a truth to buoy us through even the most difficult of days.

Lord, thank you for the beautiful promise of eternity. Help me find perseverance, character, and hope in my current struggles and never lose sight of the glory that is coming. Amen.

Go Deeper — Write Romans 8:18 on an index card and stick it on your mirror. Read it aloud every morning before you face the day, reminding yourself that no matter what may come today, something better is ultimately coming.

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