Do you sometimes feel like John the Baptist — alone crying in the wilderness? In today’s culture, being a Christian can be a very unpopular thing. You may not live in a part of the world where there is physical persecution, but you probably have heard the whispers behind your back or felt a few knife pricks in it by coworkers, old friends, or even family members.

God calls his faithful to be in the world but not of it. And while we are ineffective in witnessing if we shun others who do not believe as we do instead of loving them where they are in their lives, we are not to be dependent on them for love, or comfort, or even acceptance.

Who can we depend upon? Throughout history, God always leaves a remnant — a small band of believers to carry the torch of Truth. Look at Noah, Joseph in Egypt, the three men in the fiery furnace, Esther the foreign queen who was willing to sacrifice her lifestyle (and her life) for God’s people. Look at the disciples, and Paul. Look to Jesus. You are in good company.

Find the remnant. Learn to become dependent upon them to lift you in prayer, fellowship with you, and guide you. Allow them to depend on you in return. You are not meant to live this life alone. Seek out other believers in local churches, or perhaps also the internet, who will walk this road with you. The remnant is still here, and will be until Jesus comes back.

Father God, you always have a remnant we can lean on and learn from. Help me to seek one out, and show me how I can bolster their faith as they do the same for me. It is a tough world out there, and so many don’t yet realize how much they need you like I do. Help me, part of your remnant, to lead other to you through your Son, Jesus. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you don’t have a faith community, ask God to help you find one you can depend upon, and in return, become an active and dependable member. If you do belong to a faith community, conduct a mental evaluation. How important are they for you and vice versa and why.

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Photo Credit: Steven Van Loy