My friend, I do not know about you, but I am growing weary.

Right now, I am a mom and a “facilitator of online curriculum”, and let me tell you, I am not that great a teacher. (Let’s call a spade a spade).

When I leave the house for a doctor’s appointment, I feel like I am preparing for an expedition. I talk too much to my doctor because I am just happy to be out talking to someone! Not about politics. Oh my, no.

I miss my family. Not the two people that I am seeing a whole lot; the lots of people I am seeing not at all. I am beginning to feel beat down. I never realized how much those people restored my soul.

I know it is not just me. I see it on other people’s eyes. We cannot even see people smile at us anymore. “Smile with your eyes.” It is not the same. So draining.

Then yesterday we got a card in the mail from my sweet aunt who said all she had left was trust. She just had to trust. That reminded me of this verse from Isaiah. I may be weary but I still have HOPE. We are so lucky because no matter what is going on around us we have this one miraculous thing. HOPE.

Therefore, this week I am trying something new. I am going to recommit this verse to memory, and then whenever I think, “I can’t do this,’ “I am so tired of this,” “I cannot wait until this is over,” “I miss my mother-in-law,” I am going to recite this verse to myself because I CAN DO IT. God will renew my strength as many times a day as I need him to renew it.

God, thank you for the gift of hope. Thank you for building my strength and reviving me. Please restore my spirit and keep me strong when I begin to grow weary.

Throughout This Day: Will you join me? Select a Bible verse that brings you hope and every time you begin to feel weary, recite it.

Tags: Daily Devotional Isaiah 40
Photo Credit: Jason Abdilla on Unsplash